The Startups to look forward in 2014 – Cucumbertown

Name of Founder (s): Cherian Thomas, Arun Prabhakar, Chris Luscher, Dan Hauk
Revenues: Pre Revenue
Industry Consumer Web & Mobile 

What it offers: Cucumbertown is the network for cooks and chefs and a platform for cooks who want an online identity. Cucumbertown is to cooking what Tumblr is to blogging. The site looks to make the average Joe a superstar by giving him tools to publishing content and video. Imagine what blogging did to content publishing. Cucumbertown has the potential to do the same around food and cooking and leverage the potential of Internet commerce itself. 

Growth Details & Expansion Plans: In the year 2014 the company expects to growth in the US and European markets. Mobile and video (cooking videos) will also take center stage.

Investors & Amount raised: The site has seen huge investor interest and raised US$300K. Bay Area investors likes of 500Startups, Naval Ravikant – AngelList, Farmville co-creator Sizhao Zao Yang, Maneesh Arora of MightyText, Google Adsense, Richard Chen – ex-Google PM, Sonique Player co-creator Tabreez Verjee & Mokriya CEO Sunil Kanderi are its investors.

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