The Startups to look forward in 2014 – Nanobi Data and Analytics

Name of Founder (s): Mahesh Ramakrishnan, CV Vinod, Sumant Sarkar, Abhishek Purohit, Dr. Jayaprakash

Revenues: Around Rs. 2.5 crore (FY 13-14)
Industry: Analytics

What it offers: Nanobi is a cloud based analytics platform company based in Bangalore. The company provides affordable and usable business insights in a simple, agile, pervasive manner. At the heart of its offerings is the cloud based analytic platform and content rich analytic apps for SME’s developed by the company and its partners, available for subscription on the analytic app store

Growth Details & Expansion Plans: The company is currently focused on SMEs in India market but in the coming financial year it will start entering select markets across the globe. 

Investors & Amount raised: The company has been self funded, along with friends and family and the amount raised is to the tune of around Rs. 3 crore.

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