The new influencers helping startups manage employees poached from big companies.

The major influencers that drive an employee to consider a new job offer are Pay Package and Location. While it’s easier for big companies to offer better perks to poach talents, it turns very difficult for Startups. These big companies offer many perks and that’s part of the reason it’s so great to work with them. The startups in turn aren’t able to provide that same experience for their employees.

Off late companies (another startup) like AnyPerk and ZenPayroll has developed programs for startup employees that matches the experience of former Google and Apple employees, for example, who want the same type of experience when [they] join. These companies use a great way to recruit and retain employees.

AnyPerk levels out the perk by offering smaller companies with access to benefits traditionally offered only by giants like Google. For $5 per employee per month, AnyPerk customers can reward workers with discounts for AMC movie tickets, DIRECTV subscriptions, and more.

ZenPayroll Inc. (Cloud-based payroll provider) offers paying housing costs and free airline tickets as an unusual ways to attract and retain top talent. These programs were inspired by the housing stipend that Facebook Inc. gave its employees when the company was located in downtown Palo Alto.

In an article on WSJ, as a Bay Area native, Mr. Reeves (CEO of ZenPayroll) said he’s been “amazed at the changes” and has watched housing prices rise. Local companies should take some responsibility, he said. So, the company provides a $500 monthly housing allowance for employees who live within a 10-minute walk of the office.

Mr. Reeves added that he would provide it even if ZenPayroll were in a neighborhood that costs less, because people who live close to the office can plan their lives better.

“It changes your mindset when you can walk home or walk to work,” he said.

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