5 major attributes that is needed for a right employee in a startup


Remember the famous words “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. I believe it’s the same commitment that a Founder looks for its people when he chooses him to partner/work for his startup.

Building a startup is no less than building a nation, except this is more capitalistic than socialistic in nature. Working together to bring life to the visual of a founder’s dream is not less a challenge, so it is bound that few of these ventures will collapse.

Getting the perfect startup worker will not be easy, but here are few attributes which I believe can match the recipe for a perfect blend:


This is a major character that I will look in an employee, especially among the first of people hired. Intrapreneural spirit will help generate innovative ideas which can help a company capitalize on new business opportunities and offer creative problem-solving ideas.

Mission Driven

The most evident quality for a startup employee is to remain centered around their mission. These people are not representatives that will have nine to five demeanours. They work with a mission to straightforwardly influence all that really matters and profitability of the startup.


Individuals who are self-motivated chip away their own achievement. These people need not be monitored in particular and thus saves time of the founder. They turn good mentors and become essential in team building.

Willing to Sacrifice

A startup struggles for cash while pursuing its dreams. This at times needs sacrifices (Paycut!) by employees and founders. So an individual are ready to give up sacrifices to see the organization flourish later on, should be welcomed. In the event that this implies making 10 percent short of what they could be making somewhere else, they comprehend that in working for a startup they are getting ready for long haul achievement.


The people hired for a startup are the building-blocks of any company culture, so hiring people who can be trusted is quite essential. The Founders will be able to rely on these employees to get the job done and to go over-and-above when necessary to make sure the startup keeps moving smoothly.

What do you say? Share me your comments!

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