The essential chapters in a business plan

A business plan comprises of a push to persuade others (prospective investors) that your thought for a business is a decent one. The plan includes summing up your strategy for success – going over your item/benefit offerings, your business sector, your administration, and why you will succeed. With this in mind, I believe the following chapters should be an inherent part of any business plan:

Executive Summary

This is an overview of your business and your plans. It comes first in your plan and is ideally only 1-2 pages.

Company Overview

The company overview provides a quick review of the company’s legal structure and location, as well as some background on the company’s history if you’re writing the plan for an existing business.

Products and Services

What are you actually selling and how are you solving a problem (or “need”) for your market?

Target Market

Who are you selling to? If there are multiple market segments for your business, this is where you flesh out the details.

Marketing and Sales Plan

How are you going to reach your target market? What marketing and sales tactics will you be using?

Milestones and Metrics

If you’ve accomplished some key milestones in the process of building your business, detail them here. This chapter also defines how you measure success.

Management Team

Investors look for great teams in addition to great ideas. Use this chapter to describe your current team and who you need to hire.

Financial Plan

Your business plan isn’t complete without a financial forecast. We’ll tell you what to include in your financial plan.


If you need more space for product images or additional information, use the appendix for those details.

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