Blog as a marketing tool for your startup

Blogging is turning into an extremely important strategy for any online marketer. For a business an effective blog can help:

  • in driving traffic to the main website
  • generating more product sales
  • creating an additional source of income (through advertising)
  • become a great customer service tool

Blog offer a casual, conversational style, and their users can join in by commenting on every post. They can be glib, educational, obstinate and regularly comical, and it’s this “human” part of online journals that attracts numerous individuals to them.

Some of the incredible benefits of using a blog for business are:

The human feel

A blog is much more informal than websites; posts can be written in own voice and this conversation builds its reputation as a human face for the business. This offers an injunction of a personality into your online business which the main sales site may not be successful

A customer service tool

Your blog can act as a kind of interactive medium which will allow your customers to submit questions and you to answer them. Providing product updates, product feedback and other information of relevance to your customers a blog will be encouraged as a good customer service tool

Building credibility and establish as an industry expert

You can give your credibility a real boost by regularly posting valuable and relevant information on your blog. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your subject area, and allow your visitors to feel comfortable buying from you

Promotion of products/services

Using a blog you can sell products or offer your services online, or you may use it to mention new products and direct a visitor to your main website

Generate extra income.

With advertising programs like Google AdSense, a blog can be monetized to generate an extra revenue avenue with increasing number of visitors

Starting a blog is the easy; turning your blog into a strategic tool that drives traffic and sales to your online business is a completely different matter. Building a truly effective blog that keeps people coming back again and again takes time and dedication to develop a blog that keeps your audience coming back for more. There are professional/freelance bloggers who could be of ready help.

Write to me in case of any suggestions or questions.

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