Top 12 Must-Have Marketing Tools For 2015

1. Raven Tools for all-in-one internet marketing software – Raven Tools is Mod Girl’s go-to software for all things online marketing. With comprehensive reporting to robust SEO research tools to social media monitoring, Raven Tools has it all. The best part is, they are constantly innovating their platform with new features and making it better for their customers. For just $99 a month, Raven Tools is well worth the investment. You can also try it free for 30 days, without a credit card.

2. BuzzSumo for content marketing and SEO – Enter a keyword or backlink to get a detailed report on how well similar content has performed based on social media shares. You can filter results by time, language, country, and type of content. The basic tool is free, but you can upgrade to BuzzSumo Pro starting at $99/month for more detailed content keyword analysis.

3. Mention for research & social media monitoring – Wonder what people are saying about your brand? Keep a pulse on the conversation of customers, prospects, or competitors with this monitoring tool. You’ll receive real-time alerts and access to a dashboard that lets you quickly react to mentions with retweets and shares, internal emails, or saved tasks. The first brand name or keyword is free to track, but plans start at $29.99/month for three alerts, up to three users, and 3,000 mentions.

4. Socedo for social media prospecting – Find qualified leads on Twitter, boost web traffic, and increase conversions by inputting keywords, hashtags, or other search criteria. Start following prospects, send direct messages, or favorite tweets through the dashboard. You can try it for free, but from there, you’ll have to pay at least $100/month for the basic plan that brings in up to 5o new targeted prospects per day.

5. Sidekick for email marketing – Wonder who is opening your emails and how many times? Would it be helpful to see your contact’s professional history, company information and latest tweets? Would you like the ability to schedule emails to be sent in the future? Sidekick from Hubspot offers that and so much more.

6. Autosend for email marketing – Need help sending out personalized, targeted emails and text messages to new customers? Autosend tracks your customers’ behaviors and proactively sends out personal messages to your most active customers, depending on where they click on your website. The free plan lets you keep in touch with up to 25 customers per month. It’s $39/month to track up to 1,000 customers.


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7. ReferralSnip for conversions – According to a 2014 study, 85 percent of small businesses get customers through word-of-mouth. Often, these customers are primed and ready to buy. If you’ve been thinking of setting up a referral program but haven’t gotten around to it, then get a jump-start with ReferralSnip, which helps you whip one together in less than a minute. You can grow your subscriber list or YouTube channel by 20 program participants per month for free. Upgraded plans begin at 250 participants for $49/month.

8. Canva for photo creation – Need an easy way to get custom photos for your social media pages or presentation? Skip the learning curve of Photoshop and create great graphics in minutes with Canva. There are loads of free templates, stock images, and online storage, but you can also buy premium images starting at $1.

9. Visual Website Optimizer for A/B testing – What headlines, web designs, or copy works best on your website? Find out with VWO, a testing tool that lets you try out multiple variants with real customers visiting your page. Tools include experimentation, professional feedback and user suggestions, revenue analysis, segmentation reports, and personalized targeting (similar to Autosend). It’s free to sign up, but you can scale up starting at $9/month for testing on 2,000 monthly visitors.

10. for social media engagement – Get social media followers to share, subscribe, buy, or respond to a question by adding a call-to-action to your social media posts. You’ll be able to customize your posts with brand colors and images, conduct A/B testing, and redirect link traffic back to your homepage. Personal plans are free for a single user on a single site, allowing you to modify 10 links, one poll, and one image per day. The popular Pro package is $19/month to scale up to 50 links, three campaigns, and three users.

11. FullContact for relationship building – Enter a real name, photo, and social media profile link for each contact who signs up on your site. Organize and retrieve contacts collected through social media, email, business cards, iPhones, and iPads. The basic plan allows you to store 5,000 contacts for free or get up to 25,000 contacts for under $10/month.

12. Sprout Social for social media management & scheduling – We love this program! It brings all your social media messages to one convenient feed for easier monitoring. You can track mentions, view audience demographics, view conversation histories, plan content calendars, track engagement patterns, and network with other social media marketing team members. After the free trial, plans start at $59/month, per user.


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