Driving engagement – a critical force for performance

A startup is built around the people nurtured as owners and not employees. Thus building a sense of sense of ownership is quite crucial and often leads to high employee engagement. Higher engagement further leads to higher performance.

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A study by Gallup emphasizes this fact and I am highlighting some of these:

  • When employees strongly agree that their manager knows what projects or tasks they are working on, they are almost 7 times more likely to be engaged than actively disengaged. However, when employees strongly disagree with that statement, indicating they are largely ignored by their bosses, they are 15 times more likely to be actively disengaged than engaged.
  • Employees who work for a manager who helps them set performance goals are 17 times more likely to be engaged than disengaged.
  • When managers don’t hold employees accountable for performance, about seven in 10 employees (69%) are actively disengaged; only 3% are engaged.
  • On average, only 15% of employees who work for a manager who does not meet with them regularly are engaged; managers who regularly meet with their employees almost tripled that level of engagement.
  • Workgroups with high levels of employee engagement experience 22% higher profitability and 21% higher productivity compared with workgroups with low levels of engagement. They also experience 65% lower turnover and 10% higher customer ratings than workgroups with low engagement.


Gallup Research Report

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